Favorite: Studio 222 Photography

Ok, when is wedding photography ever great? Granted it’s couples memories of their one fine day, but when are they jaw-droppingly amazing? When they are taken by Studio 222 Photography. I am a very single guy and not looking for a wedding photographer, but I have their blog bookmarked just to look at the phenomenal work they keep putting out. The couple who own the company are just as fantastic as their work… Ok jaw-droppingly amazing isn’t even a real word.

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We are Becka & Nate, twenty-somethings and modern wedding photography couple. And we hereby promise we will never use selective color, fake photoshop motion blur, or fuzzy white vignettes. We love coffee and wine (but not together, obviously). We believe that images should be unique, emotions should be authentic, and cheddar should be sharp. We know that real connections in front of the camera start with real connections behind it, so if you’ve made it this far, we’d love to have coffee with you at our studio.
If you’d like to get a hold of us for a wedding commission or other photography project, just fill out the contact form on this site.
For anything else:
email us at info[at]studio222photography[dot]com
call us at 888.222.3519
read about our life on our blog



One response to “Favorite: Studio 222 Photography

  1. Dude! Adam with the blog and the Studio222 shoutout! Gotta love Becka and Nate; their photgraphy is the best of the best!

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