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I’m With Coco

Be sure to watch Conan’s final show on NBC tonight. This is one of the worst television moves in the history of TV. NBC has forever put a damper on the Tonight Show. I would love to hear what Johnny Carson would have said about all this.

All the garbage aside, Conan will remain as one of the greatest hosts of all time. September will come soon enough and he will be back. I hope he wipes the floor clean with Jay. I mean NBC. OK, BOTH!

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Interview With Joshua Topolsky Coming Soon

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Joshua Topolsky, the editor-in-chief of Engadget, will be featured here in the coming days. Engadget is the best tech site on the planet, and to have Josh do this is really special. It is an honor to have him on here.

Josh on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Photo from: Engadget

Steven Alan Spring 2010 (Short Film)

Whoa! Steven Alan’s 2010 Spring/Summer collection of clothing is featured in a short film. I personally believe this is a killer idea. As far as the film goes, and this is going to strip me of my manliness, it’s a cute film… And there goes my manliness. Wait, I still have a beard. Manliness is now back. Enjoy the film and the clothing.

Japan Trumps USA

Just when the world thought snuggies would revolutionize comfort and warmth.

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