iheart_1600I recently added the The I Heart Revolution: We’re All in This Together DVD to my Netflix instant Queue. I have to say I am quite excited to watch it. This is a message I personally believe in. The DVD is not all about watching Hillsong United perform live, but it really is more a long the lines of a documentary of what the Church looks like. The church that does not get the media attention. The true Church, not the screaming hate, picket signs, death to gays people. The videos describe it all. I have a feeling this is going to inspire me even more to what’s already in my heart.



I stand corrected. Netflix has the wrong title. The film I watched was not titled correctly. I watched part 1, which in fact was just Hillsong United performing. The film that I wanted to see and still support has an official website, and has been showed throughout the world, and will hopefully be on DVD soon.

http://www.theiheartfilm.com/    < the film                                                                            http://www.i-heart.org/   < the causes


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