Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Fantastic Mr. Wes Anderson

Film Wes AndersonThe new and completely animated Wes Anderson film ” The Fantastic Mr. Fox” finally has a trailer just months away from the films release. I will say that it’s surprising how much it really is like one of his films. That sounds strange, but animation is completely different than real life, no brainer, but just the way it’s done is similar to his great movies of the past. The film is also a powerhouse of greatness with a cast of Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwarzman, Adrien Brody, and Anjelica Huston just to name a lot. Oh, and another surprise is Mario Batali from the Food Network also lends his voice to this film. Ya, I don’t understand either, but he better be in his orange crocs.


What I’m Loving Musically

The band Sleeping At Last have released an early download of their new album “Storyboards.” This album is awesome. The orchestral sound once again is predominate in this album. I love it. The song “Chandeliers” is one of my favorites right now. Hearing that song is like taking a bite of a really good gourmet meal, except it’s the ears partaking of this goodness. It’s amazing. The song “Clockwork” remind me of an old Disney movie song. It sounds silly, but trust me they pull it off. They even pull off the yukalaylee in this album, which I am totally into. This album is peaceful musical bliss. Buy now and experience something rare in music… Heaven’s to Betsey I really like this band.