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Baller Vid! (Seriously This Is Pretty Sick)

Happy 4th USA

Oh yeah.

World Cup Is Back!

After a 4-year wait the World Cup is back! This is the biggest sporting event in the world. I being an Italy fan was spoiled in 2006. The final game ended on a penalty kick to win it all. Pure madness! In honor of the events, here is a flashback of Rome’s reaction to the win. This is what makes the World Cup so great, pure fan insanity!

… Oh, and I love the random fires that start out of nowhere in this video. Enjoy.


Favorite: Studio 222 Photography

Ok, when is wedding photography ever great? Granted it’s couples memories of their one fine day, but when are they jaw-droppingly amazing? When they are taken by Studio 222 Photography. I am a very single guy and not looking for a wedding photographer, but I have their blog bookmarked just to look at the phenomenal work they keep putting out. The couple who own the company are just as fantastic as their work… Ok jaw-droppingly amazing isn’t even a real word.

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iPhone 4

Let’s just say June 24th can’t come soon enough. The iPhone 4 is undeniably attractive. It does just about everything. I am lost for words. I could go on and say all this tech-nerd talk about the device, but I won’t bother. The video says it all.

Thanks Steve.

Mid-Year Christmas

Well, it’s finally here. ¬†What is that you ask? Steve Jobs’s keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference today in California. Could there be something magical and revolutionary in the air today? Well, Steve added a little teaser to a random e-mail when asked if the announcements today will blow Google out of the water stating:

You won’t be disappointed.”

I leave you with those words.

For the best live coverage of the event click here.